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Creating tools and programs to help the industry improve customer experiences is the backbone of what we do at Eliant. And we’re always working to offer new data-backed programs that can help you drive sales. In this article, we look at a program developed by The Pisetsky Method, a successful Eliant Certified firm that uses a unique approach to increasing home sales. Read on to find out how the key to selling more is to Stop Selling™.

As the customer experience partner with hundreds of US builders, Eliant also identifies and certifies consultants and vendors which have demonstrated consistently superior performance in helping builders improve (1) their absorption rates, and/or (2) customers’ willingness to recommend the builder to a friend. Hard data from customer evaluations and sales figures are used to verify the degree to which the lender or consultant has positively influenced the builder’s situation.


Legendary Status

One highly successful Eliant Certified firm is The Pisetsky Method, a successful new-home sales consulting firm whose unique approach to new-home sales is called “STOP SELLING.” Headed by nationally recognized sales and marketing guru Bill Pisetsky, this consulting firm has many phenomenal success stories to its credit.


As a VP of sales and marketing for several large public and private home builders over the years, Bill has earned legendary status for creating novel solutions for enhancing absorption rates.


Example #1: Ward Village (The Howard Hughes Corporation; Honolulu, Hawaii) is a sixty-acre, mixed use master planned community. Homes in the high-rise residential towers ranged from $400,000 to $36,000,000. Sales volume was lagging behind the business projections when Pisetsky was asked to restructure the residential sales and marketing program. Thanks to the implementation of several of his uniquely creative marketing plans as well as Bill’s hands-on training of their sales teams in both Hawaii and Japan, the sales absorption rates began a dramatic, sustained improvement. By the end of the following year:

  • Sales volume exceeded business plan by almost $92 million.
  • The cancellation rate fell from 40% to 11%.
  • Negotiations are typical in this market and Bill was given a specific budget with which to negotiate the sale of each home. He achieved these remarkable absorption results while using $8.6mm less than his allowable concessions. This savings was a direct benefit to the project’s bottom line profits.


According to David Weinreb, CEO of The Howard Hughes Corporation, “Bill not only exceeded our expectations, he exceeded our wildest dreams.”


Example #2: In yet another verification of Pisetsky’s qualification as an Eliant Certified firm, Watt Communities retained Bill to assist with their residential projects in Southern California, Northern California and Phoenix. Prior to Bill’s arrival, one targeted project had obtained only four sales in the previous seven months.

During this five-month consulting assignment, Pisetsky’s “STOP SELLING” approach again proved incredibly successful:

  • Sales rates in the second quarter literally doubled over the first quarter.
  • In response to Bill’s specialized sales training and marketing recommendations, that project is currently capturing an average of 1.25 net sales per week.


According to Howard Press, President of Watt Communities, “Bill’s significant expertise in all facets of sales and marketing made significant contributions to our recent success. He would be a valuable asset to any homebuilding organization…”
Eliant is proud to include The Pisetsky Method as an Eliant Certified consulting firm.


Bill can be reached at or (949) 701-5365

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