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Millennial Home Buyers and Rental Markets

Changes on the horizon for rental homes! Home ownership rates are growing…blame it on the millennials. Click here to read the article.

Oakwood Homes Creates the Colorado Homebuilding Academy

“Every single year the labor situation has basically gotten worse,” said Patrick Hamill, CEO of Oakwood. To read more on how he has created a solution for Colorado’s construction labor shortage click here .

5 Steps for Properly Setting Buyers' Expectations

Honesty is the fastest way to prevent a mistake from turning into a failure.
— James Altucher

TRI Pointe Homes Named Builder of the Year!

In just seven short years of operation, TRI Pointe Homes, a member of TRI Pointe Group, has navigated their way to heights unimaginable for such a young company.

6 Financial Reasons to Never Buy a Home

Selling to millennials? This is the kind of stuff they are reading. Our tech-savvy young citizens go to school on the internet, and they eat this stuff for breakfast


But for home builders, the last thing we want is an anxious home buyer.

When You Don’t Know What You Think You Know

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.” —Wayne W. Dyer   I’ve always been a lousy sailor, once crashed a small one-man Sabot sailboat into a coral reef during my honeymoon in Jamaica. Put a hole in the bow, ended up being rescued by a glass bottom boat […]

Do you know how your customers feel about you?

Creating an extraordinary customer experience is the first step to creating a delighted home owner who will refer their friends and family to you.  It all starts here…  

Four Steps to Great Service

Builders can learn a lot from retailers By Drew Vass Times have changed in the world of customer service, from fast-food restaurants to large corporations. Classic, static-filled “uh-huh’s” aren’t chiming out of as many drive-through intercoms. Now they amplify answers like “My pleasure” and even “Thank you for your business.” Call it the effects of […]

A Little Meeting With A Big View

Early morning meetings aren’t so bad when your view is from the Coral Crest model home in Crystal Cove. On Wednesday, August 17th, The New Home Company hosted this month’s CSBC at their impressive Coral Crest model home.  The morning kicked off with an amazing view as Norman Carraher (VP, Customer Care and Eliant’s 2016 American […]

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