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Communicating the Value of Design Experience

Of the five customer key driver behaviors, design seems to be simultaneously the least understood and most overlooked. And yet, design has tremendous value to both buyer and builder; the issue is communicating that value. Buyers often perceive meeting with a designer as an unnecessary and, frankly, predatory attempt by the builder to leech more […]

Gotta Catch Em All

Millennials are so last year. Gen Z is already becoming a strong influence on purchasing decisions. Did you know that Gen Z is already a quarter of the US population? Now, 15-year-olds are probably not purchasing homes just yet. However, paying attention to their role in the family and community is becoming critically important. What […]

Recap From the 2016 HBC Awards

Recap from the HBC Awards 2016 at the Center Club.

What were Homebuyers looking for in 2015?

What were Homebuyers looking for in 2015? Click Here for Article 

The Best FOUR Tips for Improving Construction Status Updates

Here are FOUR best practices to increase pro-active communication of construction status: Call Frequency: Call/text/email EVERY buyer at least once per two weeks to give a progress report, regardless of how recently that buyer may have called you for the same information, regardless of how often the buyer comes into the sales office, regardless of […]

How Fairmont Builds Its Corporate Culture

  First impressions. Customers often learn all they need to know about your business from the receptionist, or that first phone call to the community’s sales person. You know: “You never get a second chance to make a …” Micah Solomon (Forbes magazine) offers his first-hand experience about first impressions.  

2015 Homebuyers' Choice Awards

Here is a recap of the 2015 Homebuyers’ Choice Awards. Thanks to all and we will see you next year.

PR From The 19th Annual Homebuyers' Choice Awards

Weekly update ⋅ May 9, 2015 NEWS Brookfield Residential Southern California Wins 5 Eliant Awards For Outstanding Customer … PR Newswire (press release) “In many ways, The Eliant awards are the most important of all industry recognitions because they come directly from our customers,” said Brookfield … The New Home Company Provides Customers with Best Purchase […]

Max Tipton Award 2014

We are proud here at Eliant for Bob Mirman, being one of Southern Ca. visionary industry leaders in 2014. Bob did not want to make a big deal of this, but winning the Max Tipton award in 2014 was no small accomplishment and speaks to the dedication he has had to this industry, marketing and […]

Customer Service Trends To Expect In 2015

Great article on customer service trends to expect in 2015. Note the coming reliance on ‘proactive engagement’, something Eliant has been preaching for years. And ‘predictive analytics’, the use of customer profile data to improve the personalization of service (think Amazon). Click Here