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‘Customer Care?’ WHY BOTHER?

In a retail world dominated by companies dedicated to the delivery of an extraordinary customer experience, builders can learn a lot from firms ranked high for customer loyalty such as Costco, Lexus, and Amazon. On occasion, leading building industry firms will find their way to these lists: loanDepot, MBK Homes and The New Home Company have […]

Of iPhones, Poor Predictions, and High Anxiety

Some of the worst predictions emanate from those we assume should know better: “Everyone’s always asking me when Apple will come out with a cell phone. My answer is ‘probably never.’” –David Pogue, head technology writer for The New York Times, in 2006 In a world where this morning’s new 4K/Ultra HD-TV becomes obsolete faster […]

No Phones, Borrowed Chairs, and High Heels

Augusta National delivers a memorable experience By Bob Mirman   The rains began early on Saturday morning and remained with us all day. No one cared. No one complained. No one was leaving.   It was day three of the 2018 Masters Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club (Georgia). And by my count, it was […]

Because I Need the Eggs

A Self-Evaluation Test By Bob Mirman   Each of us has a different perspective, a unique way of looking at the ongoing turmoil around us. Every day, we each interpret what’s happening in our world because we need to see it this way in order to validate and confirm our beliefs and provide a rationale […]

Part II: God Is Great, Beer Is Good, and People Are Crazy*

Part II: God Is Great, Beer Is Good, and People Are Crazy* Overly-anxious buyers can be difficult buyers and unlikely to find it in their hearts to trust you By BOB MIRMAN There are many unexplained mysteries and uncertainties in life. If people evolved from apes, why are there still apes? Why doesn’t glue stick […]

Part 1: God is Great, Beer is Good, and People Are Crazy*

“Investors have never felt less secure, even though we are eight years into a bull market.” -Mark H. Haefele, Chief Investment Officer, UBS Bank Over a couple of pops at a local watering hole, a good friend of mine mentioned that he had recently visited a doctor who specialized in the condition with which he […]

Bargaining with God

By Dan Hanson (Chief Retail Production Officer at loanDepot)   A little over seven years ago, I was body surfing in Newport Beach. The shoreline had been battered by some large waves, which created small furrows in the sand, just below the churning surf. The obstacles and treacherous conditions proved unpredictable when riding the waves. During […]

The Problem is Not The Problem

“Customers don’t expect you to be perfect. They do expect you to fix things when they go wrong.” – Donald Porter, British Airways Kind of surprising to read the above statement from an airline guy. I don’t know about you, but when I am sitting in the cabin of a plane preparing to take off, […]

Managing Our Buyers' Expectations (Part II)

Controlling expectations today yields referral-sales tomorrow “The first step in exceeding your customers’ expectations is to know those expectations.” -Roy H. Williams   Each day, it has been estimated that 12.8 million people participate in America’s business lunches. When the check arrives at the lunch table, one of the participants usually grabs the tab and says […]

Getting Your Buyers to Love Lending (When it Really Sucks) 

By Jex Manwaring The lending process is far more confusing than the actual building of a home and it’s about as much fun as doing taxes. So, given that homeowners look forward to having dental work done more than getting a mortgage, it may seem that there’s simply no alleviating the lending process, never mind […]