Can I conduct my own surveys?

We advise strongly against this. Our research repeatedly confirms that almost all firms’ internally administered customer surveys suffer from low response rates—which invalidate the results. Typical response rates are about 20-35% at best. Moreover, the survey questions are all too often poorly written and not chosen with the appropriate degree of statistical relevance.

Are phone surveys effective?

Anecdotal research tells us that no one likes being called at night— often in the middle of dinner— to answer survey questions on the phone. Empirical data supports this. A recent research study found that 92% of homeowners said they would not participate in random surveys conducted by phone. Eliant terminated its phone surveying process years ago when multiple university studies confirmed that phone surveys are terribly biased with positively-skewed responses (i.e. false positives). Why? Most phone surveys are conducted when customers are at home at the end of the work day. Customers are primarily motivated to get interviewers off the phone, so they give overly positive responses to avoid having to explain the reasons for their dissatisfaction. For a better way to measure the thoughts, feelings, and intentions of your customers, check out our comprehensive experience management solutions for homebuilders, trades and vendors.

Are longer questionnaires better than shorter ones?

Short survey questionnaires are tough to design, but they are generally better because they tend to produce higher response rates. These increased responses help to validate the results. You need to make sure your questionnaire is long enough to get you the answers, improvement ideas, and information you need, but short enough to keep your response rates high. This is one of the reasons why Eliant is viewed as the gold standard questionnaire design. By using techniques derived from university and psychological research, we yield a 65-70% response rates across all of our experience management solutions.

I’m interested in your Eliant Home solution. Should I be scared about benchmarking to my competitors?

No. Our Ranking Report comparisons confidentially show how you are performing against our average client or our top 10 clients by name. Your results aren’t shared with other builders unless you are a top 10 performer—and that is something you will be proud to share!

Can I commission custom surveys or reports?

Yes! Contact answers@eliant.com to learn about our custom solutions.

Can you administer assessments in the language of my customer?

Yes, our questionnaires are offered in up to 20 languages. Contact us to learn more.

How will I access my assessment results and ratings?

Eliant’s reporting dashboard makes it easy to access all survey responses, results and ratings. When you start with Eliant, your dedicated Client Success Manager will walk you and your team through the platform, ensuring that you know how to navigate it to access the information you need. In addition, we offer a complimentary online resource library and how-to videos for how to best interpret and use your data.

Why is an assigned Client Success Manager important?

Eliant offers more than customer surveys. We provide full-service customer experience management, helping our interpret and apply the insights derived from your survey results. Our Client Success Managers are key to this effort, walking you through your results and making recommendations to improve your customer experience deliver. They also offer ongoing trainings and webinars ensuring you stay up-to-date on our platform upgrades and new product launches as they happen.

Are you available for speaking engagements?

We love hitting the road and sharing our customer experience expertise with the broader homebuilding industry. We have several prepared keynotes that focus on the psychological and commercial aspects of the homebuyer experience. Alternatively, we can work with your team to develop a presentation tailored to your event and audience. We have taken the stage at leading industry events such as PCBC, IBS, local NAHB and BIA events across the nation, and the BIS show. Contact Fernanda Luick to learn more.

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