Three people rating a homebuilder on a tablet

Three people rating a homebuilder on a tablet

Homebuilding is the ultimate people business

To win, developers, homebuilders, trades, lenders and escrow companies need to work together to create extraordinary products and experiences for homebuyers.

We create the tools and programs the industry needs to measure and vastly improve customer experiences. Through superior surveys, reliable data and actionable insights, we deliver solutions for homebuyer delight.

Homebuilder reviews website on desktop screen

Eliant Home with Icon

The service that put us on the map, Eliant Home is the premiere multi-stage homebuyer assessment and experience management program in homebuilding. Taken at the move-in, mid-year, and year end mark, Eliant Home surveys measure new homebuyer satisfaction with your homes. To help you improve your customer experience delivery, our platform then synthesizes your survey results into actionable insights, with a focus on the top seven behaviors that drive homebuyer referrals.

The Eliant Home Difference

  • Evaluates three milestones: move-in, mid-year, year-end
  • Intuitive reporting dashboard
  • Customized reports emailed to you
  • Competitive benchmark reporting
  • Dedicated Client Success Manager
  • Referral Driver Index™
  • Interactive Score Guidance
  • Resource library and training videos

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builder at project site on phone

Eliant Trade is a first-of-its-kind solution in the homebuilding industry designed to strengthen builder-trade partnerships for mutual maximum ROI. A two-way assessment series, Eliant Trade allows builders to quickly rate their primary trade partners, while subcontractors provide candid, anonymous evaluations of their builder teams. The insights derived can be used to inform a variety of business-critical decisions including who to hire, which jobs to take on, how much to charge, and how to improve procedures to deliver better customer experiences.

The Eliant Trade Difference

  • Two-way conversation
  • Top Trade Index
  • Online, mobile-friendly evaluations
  • Individual Trade Scorecard
  • 1–2 minutes per trade/builder
  • Intuitive digital reporting dashboard
  • Individual Builder Scorecard
  • Customized reports emailed to you

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Realtors signing documents

Eliant Certified

Apply Eliant’s surveying methodology, analysis, and reporting to your mortgage loan institution, escrow company or design business with Eliant Certified. Made specifically for vendors, Eliant Certified is an assessment series and experience management program that measures and improves the customer experience for homebuyers by holding your teams accountable for delivering great service.

The Eliant Certified Difference

  • Become a preferred vendor
  • Intuitive reporting dashboard
  • Customer Experience Blueprint
  • Customized reports emailed to you
  • Resource library and training videos
  • Dedicated Client Success Manager
  • Develop data-informed incentive programs

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Eliant Reviews website on laptop computer

Eliant Reviews

Current online ratings and review sites leave homebuilders with a lot to be desired. Many are little more than magnets for consumer rants or contain illegitimate reviews from bots and unverified homeowners. These unchecked negative reviews ultimately cost homebuilders leads and sales. To balance the scales, we’ve developed Eliant Reviews. Exclusively for Eliant Home clients, our homebuyer review site makes it easy to source and publish positive, verified homeowner ratings and reviews so you can take back control of your reputation online.

The Eliant Reviews Difference

  • Made for prospective homebuyers
  • Improve web search visibility
  • Closed platform with verified reviews
  • Generate leads and traffic for your communities
  • Analytics reports
  • Engage prospective homebuyers
  • Easy community management

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