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What We’ve learned from Over 37 Years of Homebuyer Satisfaction Feedback

Since starting this consumer research company on my dining room table in 1984, I have gathered an incredible database of homebuyer satisfaction surveys from over 150 major builders. These evaluations paint an unmistakable picture of homebuyer sentiment in every region of the country. The good, the bad, and the unsavory: buyers’ perceptions of their builder, […]

Creating the Blueprint for the Customer Experience

I am a keen observer of consumers’ behavior during the home purchase experience. And I know enough to be dangerous about regression analysis to understand that some things are just more important than others when it comes to creating a customer who is willing to refer their builder to a friend or acquaintance. What does […]

The Planned Surprise Strategy

Turn each new-home purchase into an extraordinary experience by planning a series of memorable surprises for each buyer at key milestones during the customer’s journey. The goal is to create unexpected moments for your customer to talk about, to brag about you, to spread positive word of mouth and enhance your local reputation. IMPORTANT: This […]

Mirman’s 10 Laws of Managing Buyers’ Expectations

Homebuyer satisfaction is determined by the gap between buyers’ expectations and the builder’s performance. Therefore, there are only two ways to increase homebuyer satisfaction: Improve the performance of your employees and trade partners Lower the expectations of your buyers.   While much attention is given to the latter of the two strategies, it is the […]

Most builders are still ignoring Interior Paint Complaints

Don’t paint your reputation into a corner… Imagine a family of five purchasing their first home, actually it’s seven, if you include Emily and Hercules, their two dogs.  With anticipated excitement, the family receives the keys to their new home and begins moving in.  The kids run wildly all throughout the house testing every door, […]

The Honeymoon is Over! The Rise and Fall of Homebuyers’ Pandemic-Based Empathy

As many of you may have heard me discuss during recent presentations to Jeff Shore’s Summit conference (Shore Consulting), and Anthony Grasst’s podcasts (Homebridge Financial Services), the period from March-December 2020 saw a highly unusual phenomenon in the world of the new-home purchase experience:   The Situation: Builders were severely stretched to deliver homes on-time and […]

Exceeding Expectations When Delay is Inevitable

By Eric Mitchell, Eliant’s VP, Innovation and Bob Mirman, CEO In October 2020, I decided my home was due for an update. Like many working from home for so many months, I had finally grown tired of staring at old carpet and the same décor I have had for 10 years. I excitedly placed a […]

Homebuilding experience management firm Eliant announces winners of 25th Annual Homebuyers’ Choice Awards

For the second consecutive year, The New Home Company and Olson Homes earned top honors, taking home The Eliant at this year’s Homebuyers’ Choice Awards. Scott Smith of Grand Homes was named Customer Experience Leader of the Year. ALISO VIEJO, CA – The winners of the 25th annual Homebuyers’ Choice Awards were announced online on […]


In a year marked by dramatic changes for so many people across the globe, we have one very exciting announcement to make:   Eliant is opening its first East Coast office in the Raleigh, North Carolina area. This expansion signals a new era in our strategic growth as we take our in-person services and training […]

Homebuilding experience management firm, Eliant, announces winners of 24th Annual Homebuyers’ Choice Award 2020

The New Home Company comes in first among multi-divisional builders and The Olson Company named top single-division builder; Dave Patwell of Irvine Pacific wins top individual honor.   Homebuilders who provided their customers with the best purchase and ownership experiences, according to surveyed homebuyers, were honored in the 24th annual Eliant Homebuyers’ Choice Awards that […]

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