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3 Traits of Builders with the Highest Customer Ratings

As a customer experience consulting firm, our team is constantly reviewing the current research, looking for better ways to create customers who will recommend our clients to their friends. Of course, not everyone believes in consumer research. Henry Ford once said “If we had asked people what they wanted, they would have said ‘a faster […]

The “Ten Key Events” for which you should be setting specific expectations with your customers

The likelihood of variance on delivery date Frequency and timing of communication from the builder about key dates The reason for and necessity of adhering to cut-off dates; Who is ultimately responsible for meeting these deadlines? Anticipated condition of the home at final orientation and likelihood of a ‘punch list’ Anticipated time to clear punch […]

‘Customer Care?’ WHY BOTHER?

In a retail world dominated by companies dedicated to the delivery of an extraordinary customer experience, builders can learn a lot from firms ranked high for customer loyalty such as Costco, Lexus, and Amazon. On occasion, leading building industry firms will find their way to these lists: loanDepot, MBK Homes and The New Home Company have […]

Three Tips from the Nordstrom Training Manual

Is your company planning being around for the long pull or are you simply trying to sell houses? If you expect to still be here when the market turns around – and stay here for a long time – here is a suggestion: Go on a sabbatical for six months and take a job selling […]

Customer Franchising: How to Build Referral-Based Sales

Brand loyalty. Procter & Gamble has it with “Crest.” General Mills has it with “Cheerios.” Fed-Ex has it. Nordstrom has it. Even Alpo has it, and if a dog food can establish loyal customers, why can’t home builders?   Sure, we’re different. We sell the most expensive product around; we offer the most difficult, emotional […]

Benefits of Eliant vs. Internal Surveys

We live in a DIY culture – there are shows, magazines and classes ad nauseum on how to do everything yourself.  However, when it comes to customer satisfaction, leave it to the experts to help you learn what your customers really think about your homes.   The following are just a few insights on the differences […]

Of iPhones, Poor Predictions, and High Anxiety

Some of the worst predictions emanate from those we assume should know better: “Everyone’s always asking me when Apple will come out with a cell phone. My answer is ‘probably never.’” –David Pogue, head technology writer for The New York Times, in 2006 In a world where this morning’s new 4K/Ultra HD-TV becomes obsolete faster […]

10 Key Tips For Increasing Homeowner Referrals

Several years ago, I wrote an article for Builder Digest: “Forget About Satisfying Your Customers”, in which I referred to a list of ten steps suggested by Eliant for improving homeowner referrals. Since that article appeared, we have received hundreds of requests for our list and have been happy to send our suggestions to all […]

Boots on the Ground Help You Control Your Future

Spend more time listening to your staff, not your lawyers By Bob Mirman, CEO, Eliant By Eric Mitchell, VP of Innovation, Eliant   “All bumps are unexpected. If you knew they were coming, you’d avoid them completely.” – Rebecca Crane   This is a true story. As the Division President of one of our client builders, […]

No Phones, Borrowed Chairs, and High Heels

Augusta National delivers a memorable experience By Bob Mirman   The rains began early on Saturday morning and remained with us all day. No one cared. No one complained. No one was leaving.   It was day three of the 2018 Masters Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club (Georgia). And by my count, it was […]