On-Site Insight

Model Home Shopper Interviews

Do you know what your shoppers are really saying about you, your models, communities, amenities, and more? Well, WE do!

Eliant’s professional interviewers are right there on-site at your model homes, where they personally interview shoppers to capture their true intentions, feedback, and emotions.

By working with you, our weekend interview questionnaires are customized to reflect your reasons for collecting customer feedback (such as grand opening; soft opening; traffic declining; poor quality traffic; declining closing rate; weak sales of a model, etc.).

After our personal interview of shoppers are completed, we provide detailed reports and analysis within 72-hours. Builder teams can quickly understand their shoppers’ real motivations and adjust their sales and marketing strategies accordingly.

Now you can target the hottest prospects and transform your shoppers into delighted buyers!

To learn more, contact:
Martha, Project Manager, On-Site Insight
(866) 755-8199
email: answers@eliant.com
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