Become your trade partners’ builder of choice, or your builders’ star trade. Using TradeSTAR’s mobile platform to constructively evaluate each other, builders and trades help each other improve their communications, products and services, thereby building better homes and increasing sales and referrals from delighted customers.

Benefits of being a TradeSTAR participating builder:

  • Receive rankings and accurate data on local trades to help you make better hiring and re-hiring decisions
  • Candid and anonymous ratings from trade partners helps to protect and improve the relationship
  • Highlights your areas of improvement, compared to other builders
  • Ensures that Purchasing is selecting the best trades by using candid feedback from the front lines
  • Empowers your field representatives to help Purchasing make great re-hiring decisions
  • Lowers your risks, and potentially lowers your insurance premiums
  • Provides you ratings from multiple perspectives of each trade partner, as survey questions are customized for and evaluated by Construction, Customer Service and Purchasing departments of each participating builder
  • Access the TradeStar list of trades and what other builders in your region are saying about them, as the list grows with more and more participating trades

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Benefits of being a TradeSTAR participating trade partner:

  • Get the opportunity to speak candidly and anonymously to builders to help educate them about their process, and be heard, especially by builders you want to work with
  • As a trade owner, you’ll get awareness of builders’ perspectives on your individual and trade team’s performance & expectations, to help you get hired or re-hired by your builder of choice
  • Receive a summarized picture of your reputation and how you look to the outside world
  • Receive honest evaluations of your performance for each builder you’ve worked with
  • Eliant, acting as third-party liaison between trades and builders, creates a safe environment for constructive feedback

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Candidly rate trade partners and builders

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