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Boots on the Ground Help You Control Your Future

Spend more time listening to your staff, not your lawyers By Bob Mirman, CEO, Eliant By Eric Mitchell, VP of Innovation, Eliant   “All bumps are unexpected. If you knew they were coming, you’d avoid them completely.” – Rebecca Crane   This is a true story. As the Division President of one of our client builders, […]

Millennial Home Buyers and Rental Markets

Changes on the horizon for rental homes! Home ownership rates are growing…blame it on the millennials. Click here to read the article.

The Homebuying Stress Test

  “Better under-stated than over-stated. Let people be surprised that it was more than you promised and easier than you said.” – Jim Rohn, Entrepreneur The Homebuying Stress Test During my recent annual physical, my doctor suggested a ‘stress-test,’ so I invited my entire family over for Thanksgiving dinner.  This included my three grown kids, sister, brother, 98-year old […]

6 Financial Reasons to Never Buy a Home

Selling to millennials? This is the kind of stuff they are reading. Our tech-savvy young citizens go to school on the internet, and they eat this stuff for breakfast

Four Steps to Great Service

Builders Can Learn a lot From Retailers By Drew Vass Times have changed in the world of customer service, from fast-food restaurants to large corporations. Classic, static-filled “uh-huh’s” aren’t chiming out of as many drive-through intercoms. Now they amplify answers like “My pleasure” and even “Thank you for your business.” Call it the effects of […]

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