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Millennial Home Buyers and Rental Markets

Changes on the horizon for rental homes! Home ownership rates are growing…blame it on the millennials. Click here to read the article.

Oakwood Homes Creates the Colorado Homebuilding Academy

“Every single year the labor situation has basically gotten worse,” said Patrick Hamill, CEO of Oakwood. To read more on how he has created a solution for Colorado’s construction labor shortage click here .

The Problem is Not The Problem

“Customers don’t expect you to be perfect. They do expect you to fix things when they go wrong.” – Donald Porter, British Airways Kind of surprising to read the above statement from an airline guy. I don’t know about you, but when I am sitting in the cabin of a plane preparing to take off, […]

TRI Pointe Homes Named Builder of the Year!

In just seven short years of operation, TRI Pointe Homes, a member of TRI Pointe Group, has navigated their way to heights unimaginable for such a young company.

Managing Our Buyers' Expectations (Part II)

Controlling expectations today yields referral-sales tomorrow “The first step in exceeding your customers’ expectations is to know those expectations.” -Roy H. Williams   Each day, it has been estimated that 12.8 million people participate in America’s business lunches. When the check arrives at the lunch table, one of the participants usually grabs the tab and says […]

6 Financial Reasons to Never Buy a Home

Selling to millennials? This is the kind of stuff they are reading. Our tech-savvy young citizens go to school on the internet, and they eat this stuff for breakfast

Good news keeps on coming!

Looks like things are actually on the rise! According to CNN Money, 2013 was the most successful year for Home Sales since 2006!

Homebuyer Satisfaction is Declining for MOST Builders

How The Best Builders are Bucking the Trend In monitoring homebuyers’ satisfaction with their builder’s quality and service, several trends are noticeable since Eliant began this process over 30 years ago: Factors which drive today’s homebuyer satisfaction and ‘willingness to refer’ have gradually shifted over the years: 25-30 years ago, ‘construction quality’ and ‘service response […]

Bloomberg News: Home Sales on the Rise!

Sales are rising! According to Bloomberg News, 2014 is on the incline for Home Sales.

Event: 2014 Homebuyers' Choice Awards

  Homebuilders Who Delivered Best Customer   Experience Honored with 2014 Eliant   Homebuyers’ Choice Awards   The New Home Company (CA) Earns Top Rating of All Multi- Divisional Home-Builders for Second Year In a Row MBK Homes Named Top-Rated Single-Division Builder in North America   SAN CLEMENTE, CA – U.S. and Canadian homebuilders who […]